3D Mystery Quilt Adventure (kit)


Join the Adventure!  Look at our BLOG for more information, or check out our Facebook/TheMasqueradeNH page and follow along with our 3D Mystery Quilt Adventure!

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Here they are in a limited supply.  A total of 6 3/4 yards of fabric in each kit to get you on your way to finishing a 60″ x 80″ 3D quilt.

The pattern for this quilt will be available for purchase in October of 2020.  For now, the pattern is free when you join our “3D Mystery Quilt Adventure!” group on Facebook, or by contacting Donna at TheMasqueradeNH@gmail.com to put yourself on our email list.

We can not show you a finished picture of the quilt – or it wouldn’t be a “mystery”, would it?  So you will just have to take our word for it – It’s fast, it’s fun, it’s EASY – and you get great results that will most certainly turn heads.

You are only 8 clues away from a finished quilt.  Each clue could easily be completed in 4-6 hours.  You will learn how to make half square triangles and nesting seams.  When you finish a clue, just send a picture in a private FB message or via email, and we will send you your next clue!  We ask you to wait just 1 day between clues; so you could be just 16 days away from a finished quilt!  It all depends on how fast or slow you work.

. . . . COVID19 update!  You can now get a clue DAILY!!  These kits have FREE SHIPPING!

Clue 1 and 2 are now available on our BLOG.

Please, no public pictures of your finished quilts until after October 1, 2020.  Let’s keep the mystery alive for those who join late to the game. 😉


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