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The “biggest puzzle ever!”

This year 2021, is a “Technique of the Month” year with Quiltworx!  That means there is a new pattern that has several techniques released on January 1st to the public for purchase through certified shops and also through certified instructors who are teaching the workshops to complete the pattern.

I’m in the process of becoming certified through Quiltworx, and I am loving this new “TOM”, and how it all goes together.  I thought I would share my enthusiasm with my granddaughters who already know how to sew and make quilts.  I’ve featured them in this blog before – a couple years ago – when they had fun making a gift for their dad.  As they mature, they are very interested in having an online presence, and “working in the family business”.  I’m looking forward to encouraging them to keep on quilting, pick out fabrics, learn to paper piece – and teach others how to do so.  When they are excited, I’m excited!

Here is a little look at how they helped to put some of this year’s TOM – “Coral Reef” on the design board in my very cold garage.  LOL  They had a blast and can’t wait to come back to put the rest up.  I guess I better get busy piecing more of this quilt!

Coral Reef “Like a puzzle!”  Click on this Coral Reef to see the kids in action!  It was a great brain exercise in spatial relations and map reading to get it up on the board the right way. Are you a quilter with a couple kids who are at home with remote schooling?  Having them quilt with you can be a great break from the zoom drudgery – yet still be a bit educational.  😉

Stay tuned to see the finished quilt!  It’s only about half way done at this point – so much more piecing to get finished!