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The “Mixer” Quilt!

You have all heard of a “sampler” quilt – even if you have never quilted – I’m sure you have heard it somewhere in the past.  Well the newest rage is the “Mixer” quilt by Quiltworx.  It’s a new take on a variety of blocks that get put together, giving you the opportunity to try out different techniques along your quilting journey!

When you do a mixer quilt by Quiltworx, you can subscribe to an app called “Quiltster”, pick and choose the shapes and techniques you want to experiment with, color it with your own fabrics (or thousands of others available online), put it all together on your digital screen – before you even cut the first piece – to see if you like it, order the components you chose to make your creation and you are on the road to your masterpiece mixer quilt!

I’m currently working on a “Kaleidoscope” mixer which is made from all diamonds.  There are 15 diamond options to choose from, and you can rotate them any way you like.

With so many choices and available fabrics, every quilt that is designed in Quiltster is unique! The foundation paper piecing method that is used to put it all together, insures perfect points and precise blocks every time.  There is really no going wrong with the mixer patterns!

They are offered in 9 different mixer groups where the components can only be interchanged within a specific group.  You can choose from: Cattail mixer, Congo mixer, Hosta wall mixer, Kaleidoscope mixer, Meadow mixer, Solstice mixer, Stella Maris mixer, Sunrise mixer and Willow Star mixer.

They are all unique in their own way – and all fabulous to work with!  I’m sure to be teaching many classes on this new wave of quilting, and will be providing video guidance on how to prepare your components prior to class.  The link below will show you the Shimmering Star diamond graphic I have provided for one of my classes. This is a great sheet to color in and decide how you want to make your quilt look – even if you don’t have a subscription to Quiltster.

Shimmering Star layout

So stay tuned, and check out my classes on the “shop” tab, to see when you might be able to sign up for a mixer class – on zoom – or in our studio!