Cathedral Window traditional


A versatile project that can be made by machine or hand stitching – big or small – and doesn’t need batting or backing fabric to complete!


Popular in the 1930’s – but around much longer than that!  This pattern is easily done in very small sections – so it’s a great project to take with you when you are traveling. When done the traditional way, the Cathedral Window pattern does not use batting or backing fabric – yet it has layers of cotton, so it can still be somewhat “heavy”.  The good news is, it doesn’t need to be “quilted” – at least not in the literal sense of the word.  It does need some stitching on the curves to create that overlapping circle effect.

If you enjoy putting your feet up to relax while doing some hand stitching – this entire pattern can be completed the good old fashioned way with just a needle and thread.  However, you can speed up the process by preparing your foundation blocks on the sewing machine  and quickly chain piecing a bunch of blocks at a time.  Stack them into a project bag with some colorful scraps of fabric and you are good to go!

If you do not like hand stitching with a needle and thread – no worries – you can also complete this pattern on a sewing machine!

Within the pattern you will find a link to an easy to follow video tutorial  of the entire piecing process!



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