Chubby Cabin “First Beginner” pattern


“First Beginner” Log Cabin pattern that can be done by someone who has never made a quilt before!


The best place to start is at the beginning!  Every quilter has seen or heard about the log cabin quilt block.  This is most often used as a stepping stone into the quilting world.  Our log cabin is “chubby” because it’s made with bigger, easy to handle pieces.  We’ve made this pattern so quick and fun to do with a helpful video reference – that even a first time quilter should be able to finish this quilt in a weekend!

You can make this pattern with 3 colors or 10 – use up some scraps – or pick a theme and buy new fabric.  The log cabin can be laid out in so many ways with so many color options that you can use this same pattern to make a variety of totally different quilts.

Thinking about learning how to quilt?  What are you waiting for – this pattern was made just for you!  Full of pictures and helpful sewing tips; this is the best pattern for a first time quilter!


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