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October is for MYSTERY & Adventure!

Here comes Halloween and what every kid knows is the best time for Mystery and Adventure!  Dressing up, braving the elements, walking the streets in the dark, knocking on stranger’s doors – getting candy for free!!?  Everything we teach our kids not to do the whole rest of the year!

Well, I bring you a perfectly safe and fun “3D Mystery Adventure!” that I like to call Hugs & Kisses.  This is a “quilt-along” at your own pace sort of mystery quilt.  I’m providing 8 clues for the total project; the first one being posted via Facebook / TheMasqueradeNH on October 1st, 2019 at 10am.  You can also click on this link to get Clue 1 right here!

CLUE 1 and Supply List

After that you will be able to receive each of your next clues at your own pace!  Just send a pm via Facebook or email to TheMasqueradeNH @ with a picture of your  finished clue pieces, and I will send you the next clue!

The only rules are:

  1. Do Not post any pictures of your progress (after Clue 4) publicly – definitely NO FINISHED QUILT pictures until after October 1st 2020.  I’m keeping this mystery running for the entire year so those who sew at a slower pace, or have way too much life getting in the way, can still have the fun of the mystery revealing itself in their own sewing space.
  2. Do Not request a clue every day.  Please take a break for 1 day in between requests so that you can catch up with things like shopping, cooking, kids, cleaning, laundry – did I say that?!  Anyway, it will give me time to keep up with the requests if this becomes a popular project.
  3. Please DO share this project with other quilting friends, so they can sew along with you and the rest of the group!  I will start an email list for anyone who is not on Facebook – and I promise I will never send out spam or sell your email address to a third party. (I hate that stuff!!!!)

That’s it!  Three simple rules!  The 8 clues will become your own copy of the pattern – and during this year it is totally FREE.  After that I will offer it for a minimal download fee on this website.

So make sure to check out www. /TheMasqueradeNH to see any new information on our adventure, or send me an email: TheMasqueradeNH @  or   Donna @ to be put on my 3D Mystery list.

During COVID19 “shelter at home” orders, I have decided to allow clue requests on a daily basis – so what are you waiting for?  Start a new fun project, and see your finished quilt in just over a week!  Your first clue is at the link above – and now I’m providing a second one! Click on this link for your Clue 2 !

I’ve conveniently put together some kits of fabric, like the one pictured above for those who are too busy, or have difficulty picking fabric.  You will find a variety of kits choices on the “SHOP” page under “Project Kits” right here on this website.  However, if you want to shop for your own fabric, this is what you will need:

  1. 4 variations of neutrals ranging from white to black (with gray in between) or beige to brown (with gradations of tan in between).  1 yard of each.  If you often make mistakes while you quilt, then buy 1.25 yards of each – for piece of mind. These variations should show contrast between each step.  White/light gray/medium gray/dark gray – are a good example.  Or for a darker quilt, start with the light gray/medium gray/dark gray/black.  These fabrics will be numbered 1 – 4 from light to dark.
  2. Two colors that you love to combine – also in light, medium, dark variations.  You will need 1/4 yard of each as follows: light color 5 and medium version of the same color (we will call it color 6); medium color 7 (a different color than color 5, and make sure it’s one you like combining with the first one!), and a dark version of the same color.  For example, you might like to choose a light blue and medium blue, a medium green and a dark green as your 4 choices.  You will need just 1/4 yard of each.
  3. Finally, if you want to add a narrow border to your quilt, I suggest just a 3″ border.  You will need to purchase an additional 3/4 of a yard of one of your first 8 fabrics, or choose a different fabric that combines well with all the others.  You may also want to bind your quilt with the same fabric.  That would be another 1/2 yard.
  4. Backing fabric will require 4 yards of 42″ wide, or 2 yards of 106″ wide fabric.  The finished size quilt is approximately 62″ x 82″

Hope you decide to join the fun!

Till next time,


Donna Viau