Jelly Roll Beach Blanket / Friday night class

Friday night fun = Saturday beach and sun!

This class is for “All Sewers” with basic sewing skills who are comfortable using a sewing machine.

Learn how to chain piece and make diagonal seams in your fabric strips.  You’ll also learn how to make a button hole! LOL  No batting required for this “quilt”. Just 2 jelly rolls (not the ones you eat!), 2 BIG buttons, and 1 1/2 yards of canvas/duck to make this great quilt to use outdoors on sand or turf.  It folds up into a bag so you can bring along all kinds of things.  Leave it in the trunk of your car and you’ll be ready to go at a moments notice.  Makes a great gift!  So quick and easy to make you’ll have it done by the end of class!

For more information or to register for class, drop us a line at TheMasqueradeNH @ gmail . com

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HST’s – What are they and how do you make them?

I’ve had some requests lately from sewers wanting to know how to make quilt blocks. Here is a good ole’ traditional block called the “Maple Leaf”.  Living in New England we see a lot of these leaves!  They don’t have to be just green – you can make them almost any color!  In this video you’ll also learn how to “chain piece” and make “half square triangles” (aka HST’s).  You’ll also learn an easy way to “reverse applique” the stem block.

So far, the only other tutorial I’ve done on a quilt block is the Angel Jewels block in my Quilt As You Go tutorial.  If you have a special block you want to learn how to make, let me know!  I’ll be glad to make a video with all your options!  Currently I’m working on samples to show you how to make a “Cathedral Window” quilt – the traditional way – and also a much quicker version – “kind of a cheat” way.  😉  It’s not ready for posting yet, but I’m hoping to have it ready soon.  So for now, enjoy making these maple leaves!

If that wasn’t fun enough – try this SUPER QUICK and SIMPLE method!!

Using 5 1/2″ squares will help you create all the 3 1/2″ HST’s you’ll need to make the Maple Leaf Block described above 🙂