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Magical Unicorn!

It’s all the craze! It seems like every young girl is into Unicorns lately; so I took it upon myself to create a pattern I could print out on letter paper and make available for all of you to download for free!

The pattern is easy enough that a 7 year old was able to make one – with a little help from an adult.  So here it is – my “Magical Unicorn” fun project #23 for you to download for FREE!  🙂

MAGICAL UNICORN instructions

Magical Unicorn Pattern Pieces

And here is a tutorial for you to follow along with while you create!  Have fun!!

Magical Unicorn Fun Project Series #23

Pin Cushion Scrap Bag / Saturday Quick Workshop!

This little jewel is an “accessory” that every sewing or craft room needs!!  It’s so easy to make that ANYONE can do it!  The class fee includes a kit – so you don’t need to bring anything to class!  This is the best gift to give to a friend who sews, so get a jump on your gift giving this year and make one for a friend.  Then you can buy an additional kit for $10 to bring home and make one for yourself!  It’s a win WIN project!

For more information or to register for a class, drop us a line at TheMasqueradeNH @ gmail . com


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How To Make A Candy Cane Horse | Tutorial

Felt or Fleece or scraps of fabric – you can make a horse of a different color! Just trace around the top of a candy cane with an extra half inch all the way around to make a pattern for yourself. Fold a rectangle of fabric in half (at least 4″ x 11″) and then you are off to the races! This project is a good way to hang your candy canes. When the kids go to eat them – they’ll know which candy cane belongs to who – and when they don’t finish (do they ever?!) – you can hang it back up and they can come back to it later! No sticky mess on your tables or couches!!! When the candy is gone – it makes a fun finger puppet!

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How To Make An Owl Pincushion | Tutorial

Need a pincushion for all your sewing hobbies? Here’s a fun owl-shaped pincushion that’s easy and quick. I call this “zen sewing” – a small hand sewn project that I can work on while I zone out in the evenings.

Click on the link below to get the FREE pattern!

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How To De-Bone T-shirts For A T-Shirt Quilt | Tutorial

Looking to turn your old t-shirts into a t-shirt quilt? It’s a great way to show off all your old memories in a super comfy design! Before the shirts are sewn together, you’ll need to “de-bone” them and take off the sleeves and collars. Here’s a tutorial on the best way to prep your shirts for a t-shirt quilt.